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Assess your team on the job with Practical Assessments Say goodbye to paper checklists. Use our in-person assessment tool to verify your digital training and make sure your teams are doing tasks correctly.

Mobile-first Learning

Access content from their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computers. No matter the location or internet connection.


Microlearning allows your teams to interact with bite-sized content. So they can quickly learn what’s essential.

Reporting and analytics

View and export engagement and performance insights to reports. Agile training in real-time and compliant by default.

In-Built Games

With native smartphone elements like swipe, drag and drop and match, learning feels more like a game - not work..


Your branding and frequency of messages. Inspire good learning behavior in line with your processes.


Motivate your teams with rankings to complete their lessons accurately and quickly.

Real Rewards

Incentivize your teams to do their training quickly with real prizes.


Reward and certify team members who complete their learning content.