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🤔 Why C84 and 84watchdog?

The C84 and 84watchdog naming refer to George Orwell’s novel 1984. Orwell’s analyses are more topical than ever in times when big data is the new normal. The overall power of machine learning and artificial intelligence culminates in the power of vertical search engines. These are the superpowers of our time.

🤔 What exactly is a watchdog?

Watchdogs are not new - they have protected our assets and valuables for hundreds of years. What changed over time is the type of assets that matter to us and, consequently, the nature of the dogs and their role. Today, digital watchdogs protect digital signals that can pattern in search traffic (think of a particular term spike in google trends) or machine usage (think of unexpected traffic in an alarm system).

🤔 What is 84watchdog?

84watchdog is a done-for-you (agency) service that monitors multiple data sources. We look at vertical search engines, social platforms, and more technical data (registration data, carrier network data, app store data, and even dark web files).

🤔 What is a done for you service?

A done-for-you service is provided by us when you trigger it. However, it´s not do-it-yourself, as we run specific protocols on our end. We customize the searches and reports and decide which data sources probably provide the best results.

🤔 How easy is the set up?

The technical setup happens on our end, so you don´t have to worry about anything..

🤔 How secure is 84watchdog?

There is no risk of data extraction for your intellectual property, as we monitor data sources outside your organization.

🤔 Is it social listening only?

84watchdog is a proxy that protects your exposure. Beyond social, we can monitor code libraries and even dark web sources.

🤔 Can we do without Social Monitoring?

Certainly - at least for a while. Especially when there is no competitor around

🤔 Is Social Monitoring illegal

Social monitoring is like ad targeting. The processes are built on data that users, aggregators, or service providers make available.

🤔 Is Social Monitoring a risk for my company?

That´s a strange question. While your ad agency and any social media platform are interested in your data - shouldn´t you be?

🤔 Is it only about Likes and Clicks

Whatever you fire off against platforms strengthens your engagement with customers, and things in the broader sense.

🛑 When is 84watchdog NOT the right solution?

You will find more specialized tools for KeyWord / SEM.

Search Listening meets Social Monitoring

Combining Search and Social is a superpower

4 Bn Queries per day

That´s just what google gives us


Social, Deep, and Dark Web covered

No Bias, Non Intrusive

We never access your network.


Watchdogs eliminate redundant, repetitive type tasks in your business, create huge efficiencies, and save you hours and hours every week.

Alerts and Mentoring

We have spent hundreds of hours researching tools so that all you have to do is define the rules and you are protected.

Second Brain

Build & develop your business systems, so that over time your business relies on systems and processes, rather than on you!

what are the roadblocks?

why it´s not easy to take action

Path Dependency

some are stuck in a legacy system.


some are scared to discuss seriously


some don´t find time


some don´t get interdependencies


some aren´t seriously affected


some don´t get it

...here is the solution

´done for you´ is simple and fun

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